A Proven Thigh Slimmer

The payoff

Many of us have been "blessed" by Mother Nature with a little extra fat around our inner thighs. While regular cardio will help you melt the flab, sculptors like leg lifts will speed up the firming process. This move goes a step further by increasing your bottom leg's range of motion-so you can work the muscle harder. Adding resistance (you can also use ankle weights or tubing) makes it even more challenging. Do this two or three times a week, and yoy'll be truly blessed- with sleeker, sexier thighs.

For best results

Do this move twice a week along with squats, lunges, and balance-based exercises to work all your leg muscles.

How to do it

> Lie on your right side with hips centered on a Bosu balance trainer and place right forearm on the ground under your shoulder (don't let your shoulder hunch toward your ear). Bend left knee and place left foot on the floor in front of right leg.

> Hold one end of a Body Bar in your left hand and rest hand lightly on top of Bosu. Place other end of bar along inside of right foot [A].

> Slowly lift your right leg as high as you can, keeping torso still and foot flexed and parallel to floor [B]. Lower right leg to within an inch of the floor (no resting!) and repeat; switch sides to complete set. Do 3 sets of 15 reps.

Mistakes to avoid

DON'T let your top hip roll back, which takes the emphasis off your inner thighs.

DON'T keep both legs extended; it decreases your bottom leg's range of motion.

DON'T lift the end of the bar off the Bosu; it reduces the sculpting challenge.

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