Build an exceedingly strong core and a gorgeous, toned body with reinvented Pilates moves that require almost every muscle you have

By Jaclyn Emerick
October 28, 2015

Sleek, Strong, Sexy. That's the trademark Pilates body. Do this next-level version and you can add chiseled, fit, and fierce to the list. And you won't need a fancy machine or quirky tone-up tool to get there. Thanks to her tweaks to the workout style's signature small moves, instructor Karen Lord, the owner of the Karen Lord Pilates Movement studio in New York City, has created a bolder technique that gets deeper into your muscles and leads to even more results from the scientifically proven mat classics.

While traditional Pilates favors the abs, this routine puts all of your major muscles through the paces. "Every movement starts in your core and then radiates to your arms and legs," Lord says. "Because you have to focus intently on your posture and connecting your breath to each movement, you'll use almost every muscle you have, which helps you build an exceedingly strong core and a gorgeous, balanced body," she says.

It's basically life-changing, Lord would argue. "When you do this workout, you'll experience an endorphin release, of course, but connecting your mind to your movements is really profound," she explains. "Life becomes a litter sharper, and you feel less anxious."

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March 27, 2019
Classical Pilates was never about the abs only.
January 13, 2019
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