Resistance Bands: The Best Tool for Your Home Gym

You don't need a whole gym full of equipment to get a strong, sexy body. In fact, the most overlooked power piece of equipment is so small and lightweight you can literally take it anywhere-a resistance band. With this simple tool, you can get an impressive workout at home for every muscle in your body. You can do almost any strength exercises you'd do with weights with just a few alterations.

To tone your whole body, attach your resistance band to anything around the house (park, hotel room, etc.) and do your regular strength-training routine. As you get stronger, you can shorten the band to make it harder. Here are a few great strength exercises that you can add to your normal routine for a strong, sexy body.

Whole Body Workout: Ski Jumper

This simple exercise works most of your major muscles-your arms, abs, back, and legs. Add it to your routine for a head start on getting lean from head-to-toe.

Ab Workout: Tube Chop

This is one of the best abs exercises for women, stabilizing your entire core. Add it to your current routine and you'll be on your way to getting a tight, flat stomach.

Ab Workout: Plank with Triceps Extension

Step up the intensity of the traditional plank by working your triceps with a resistance band.

Ab Workout: Side Bridge Cable Row

Five-time Olympian Dara Torres uses this exercise to get her super strong and sexy six-pack.

Bonus Resistance Workout: Pull and Curl

resistance band are a fantastic way to tone your arms. This easy movement will work your triceps, biceps and your back in one simple motion. It's great to do outdoors, or in the comfort of your own apartment.

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