• Push it with your playlist
    Speed up every time you hear a song'schorus. -Gregroy Florez, Owner of First Fitness in Salt Lake City
  • Get more out of TV time
    If you're watching a news channel, sprintfor 30 seconds every time you hear the name President Bush. Ifyou're watching a sitcom or talk show, take it up a notch during thecommercials. -Mike Durner, A USA level 1 triathlon coach at Carmichael Training Systems in Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Drop and give yourself 10
    Every five minutes, stop (pause themachine, if you're on one) and do five push-ups and five crunches.-Michael J. Sokol, owner of One-On-One Fitness in Chicago

  • Go car spotting
    Running or walking outside? When a red car passesyou, sprint for 10 seconds; a black car, 20 seconds;and a white one, 30 seconds. Or make upyour own system based on the models or colorsof cars. -Jennifer Nicole Leee, creator of The DVD Series Fabulously Fit Moms

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