You've been cranking away on your cardio routine, sweating through your strength workouts -- you're the picture of fitness success. But then all these new disciplines and hybrid classes come along: "Yoga for strength?" "Power Pilates?" "Balletbootcamp?" What are these workouts, and should you be exploring them?

While traditional strength and aerobic exercise is essential to a well-rounded program, workouts that fuse disciplines like yoga, Pilates and dance add variety to help prevent plateaus and keep you pumped. They also teach you to move with grace and purpose, which can enhance your resistance and cardio training, says certified trainer and fitness innovator Kari Anderson, co-owner of Pro-Robics Conditioning Clubs and Gold's Gyms in Seattle.

That's where this exclusive total-body toning workout, based on Anderson's Angles, Lines & Curves video series, comes in. These innovative moves work your muscles in an integrated way to boost flexibility and strength as well as body awareness. You'll experience the controlled flow of yoga, the centering and focus of Pilates and the grace of ballet, all in one workout. As your torso and limbs form all sorts of "angles, lines and curves," you must concentrate on maintaining perfect posture and balance -- a mindfulness that will help you look, feel and move like a dancer and get maximum results from virtually any workout you do.