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Sexier by Summer: Beach Body Workout Part 4


Welcome to weeks 7 and 8 of your summer-body transformation! These workouts are similar to the ones you did in weeks one and two, weeks three and four, and weeks five and six in that they just require your own body weight and 15 minutes to break a sweat and tone muscles from head to toe. The program consists of intervals of high-intensity exercises, followed by lower-intensity moves to help you blast more fat in less time. Let’s get started!

How it works: For 30 seconds, perform as many repetitions of each move as you can, focusing on maintaining proper form the entire time (reference the videos for correct form). If your alignment begins to break down, slow down and complete fewer reps. As you progress, you’ll be able to complete more repetitions during each 30-second period.

Workout 7: Lower body and cardio

Month: 2

Weeks: 3 and 4

Days: 1 and 3


Workout 8: Upper body and cardio

Month: 2

Weeks: 3 and 4

Days: 2 and 4



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