Tone your belly, butt, and thighs for summer with this total-body workout plan.

By Jay Cardiello
April 23, 2012

Welcome to weeks 3 and 4 of your summer-body transformation! These workouts are similar to the ones you did in weeks 1 and 2 in that they just require your own body weight and 15 minutes to break a sweat and tone muscles from head to toe. The program consists of intervals of high-intensity exercises, followed by lower-intensity moves to help you blast more fat in less time. Let's get started! (For weeks 5 and 6 of the program, click here.)

How it works: For 30 seconds, perform as many repetitions of each move as you can, focusing on maintaining proper form the entire time (reference the videos for correct form). If your alignment begins to break down, slow down and complete fewer reps. As you progress, you'll be able to complete more repetitions during each 30-second period.

Workout 3: Lower-body and cardio

Weeks: 3 and 4

Days: 1 and 3


Workout 3 moves:

1. Round Robins: Extend hands overhead and perform alternating step-overs, going forward. (30 sec)

2. Round Robins: Same as above, backwards. (30 sec)

3. Shooting Stars: Extend hands overhead and perform alternating high-leg raises. Reach both hands out to touch toes to stretch hamstrings. (30 sec)

4. Sea Breezes: Extend right leg back and form a "T" with your body. Then, fly like an eagle with both arms. (30 sec)

5. Sea Breeze Rows: Same stance as above. Now, row both arms back. (30 sec)

6. Sea Breeze Presses: Same stance as above. Now press both hands overhead while you face downwards. (30 sec)

7. Sea Breezes: Same as #4 with left leg extended. (30 sec)

8. Sea Breeze Rows: Same as #5 with left leg extended. (30 sec)

9. Sea Breeze Presses: Same as #6 with left leg extended.

10. Light House Lunges: Bring right leg back and extend hands overhead, lunge up and down. (30 sec)

11. Anchor Lunges: Same stance as above. Lunge down, rest knee on ground and come up. (30 sec)

12. Glute Appeal: Lunge down and on the upswing kick your right ankle to butt. (30 sec)

13. Light House Lunges: Same as #10 with left leg back. (30 sec)

14. Anchor Lunges: Same as #11 with left leg back. (30 sec)

15. Glute Appeal: Same as #12 with left leg back. (30)

16. Beach Wood: In a wide squat position, pretend you're chopping wood. (30 sec)

17. Beach Wood Ambers: Same as above, but squat jump as you come up. (30 sec)

18. Hot Sand: Plie squats with closed fists at chin. Pulse as low and fast as possible. (30 sec)

19. Boardwalks: Low Squat jumps forward and back as fast as possible. (30 sec)

20. Sea Urchins: Low squats jumps into standing erect stance. Start in a wide squat-jump inward and stand tall. (30 sec)

21. Sun Burn: Get down on all fours and extend right leg out to back and bring forward to the right side, as far as possible. (30 sec)

22. Sun Dial: On all fours, bring right leg to elbow and kick out high to right side. (30 sec)

23. Sand Stars: On all fours, have left hand meet right leg at navel and extend out. (30 sec)

24. Sun Burn: Same as #21 on left side. (30 sec)

25. Sun Dial: Same as #22 on left side. (30 sec)

26. Sand Stars: Same as #23 on left side. (30 sec)

27. Barbeques: Cook your hamstrings/glutes with this exercise. Laying on your back, place your right leg in the air. Bend left knee with foot on ground and lift butt in air. (30 sec)

28. Barbeques: Same as #27 on left side. (30 sec)

29. Labor Days: Same position, alternate between stretching and holding hamstrings. (30 sec)

30. Siesta: Bring both knees to chest, hug and hold. (30 sec)

Workout 4: Upper-body and cardio

Weeks: 3 and 4

Days: 2 and 4


Workout 4 moves:

1. Memorial Days: Interlock hands behind head. Place feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bend knees. Look forward and bow up and down. (30 sec)

2. Backyard Tan: Keep the same stance, extend arms laterally and quickly pulse arms squeezing shoulder blades together. (30 sec)

3. Diving Boards: In the same stance, press overhead. (30 sec)

4. Hula Hoops: Skip in place while swinging arms in forward circles. (30 sec)

5. Hula Hoops: Same as above with backward circles. (30 sec)

6. Beach Boys: Run in place and punch into the air at face level. (30 sec)

7. Core Crusin': Place hand behind head and crunch forward bringing left knee up toward right elbow, alternating sides. (30 sec)

8. Rip Cords: Get in plie squat position and extend hands overhead. Squat down fast and drive elbows between legs. (30 sec)

9. Canopy: In deep plie squat position, double punch hands at chest level as fast as possible. (30 sec)

10. Blenders: same position. spin hands like on a speed bag forward fast. (30 sec)

11. Blenders: same as above going backwards. (30 sec)

12. Pipeline: Start in a standing position. Place hands on floor and walk out to a pushup position. Punch forward alternating hands. Then, crawl back to starting position. (30 sec)

13. Ferris Wheels: Stand upright in "fight" position, kick out to right side and punch out to right side. (30 sec)

14. Ferris Wheels: Same as #13 on left side. (30 sec)

15. Amusement Parks: Get down into a low squat position. Rest hands on shoulders. Then jump as high as possible reaching into the air. Repeat. (30 sec)

16. Carnival Rides: Sprint in place with arms extended out to the sides, making small, fast circles forward. (30 sec)

17. Carnival Rides: Same as #16, but circle arms backwards. (30 sec)

18. Batter Up: Start in a fighting stance with left foot forward. Throw a fast punch with right hand. Jump into southpaw stance and punch. Jump to alternate sides and punch. (30 sec)

19. Less is More: Bring left foot forward in deep lunge position. Raise arms lateral to sides and fly like an eagle. (30 sec)

20. Less is More: Same as above with right leg forward. (30 sec)

21. Convertibles: Get in a pushup position and quickly alternate between touching right hand to left knee and reverse. (30 sec)

22. Lemonade Stand: Get in a pushup position and hold. (30 sec)

23. Water Coolers: Lower body to plank and back again to pushup position. (30 sec)

24. Picnic Tables: Flip over to a reverse tabletop stance and dip your body up and down. (30 sec)

25. Flower Pickers: Stay in same stance and alternate raising knees up. Touch right hand to left knee and reverse. (30 sec)

26. Crickets: Stay in same stance and reach right hand to sky, then bring back down and alternate reaching left hand to sky. Repeat. (30 sec)

27. Water Balloons: Sit down and spread legs as wide as possible. Spread arms laterally and touch hands to toes (alternating sides). (30 sec)

28. Taking a Nap: Reach to right toe and hold. (30 sec)

29. Taking a Nap: Same as #28 to left side. (30 sec)

30. Salutations: Kneel and place hands in prayer position. (30 sec)