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Shape's Total Body Wedding Workout

It's wedding season, which means you're likely either in one or invited to one this summer. After picking out the dress, getting in shape to wear it is probably the first thing on your mind. Sleeveless, strapless, backless, fitted--every dress style shows off some part of your body and lucky for you there's a move to tone every part as well. The exercises here will help you get firm and sculpted from head to toe. Pick the areas you most want to focus on or try the entire workout. Either way, do the moves three times a week. We've also included a cardio routine to help you burn calories and fat. To get lean, slim, and sleek, aim to do at least 30 minutes of cardio five or six days a week.

Your Best-Body Plan

You'll need Two 3- to 5-pound dumbbells, a step or flat bench, a pair of 8- to 10-pound dumbbells, a resistance band, and an 18- to 36-pound Versa Bar or barbell (find equipment at

What to do Warm up with 5 minutes of easy cardio. Do 2 or 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps of each exercise (unless otherwise noted), resting 30 seconds between sets. Switch the exercise order each time you do the workout.

Customize it To make it easier, do only 8 reps of each move. Up the challenge either by increasing the weight or creating a circuit: Do 1 set of the first exercise, then 2 minutes of any cardio such as jogging or jumping rope, then move to the next exercise. Perform the entire circuit two or three times.

Click here for the routine.


TimeIncline (%)/RPE*
0:00-5:00Warm up: 0% incline (RPE 4)
5:00-7:00Increase incline 3% every 30 seconds, going up to 12% (RPE 8)
7:00-10:00Recover: 0% (RPE 4)
10:00-14:00Increase incline 3% every minute, going up to 12% (RPE 8)
14:00-17:00Decrease incline 3% every minute, returning to 3% (RPE 5)
17:00-20:00Recover: 0% (RPE 4)
20:00-22:00Increase incline 3% every 30 seconds, going up to 12% (RPE 8)
22:00-24:00Decrease incline 3% every 30 seconds, returning to 3% (RPE 5)
24:00-27:00Walk or run at 3% (RPE 5)
27:00-30:00Cool down: 0% incline (RPE 3)

Calories burned: 235

* RPE, or Rate of Perceived Exertion, is a gauge of your intensity: 1 is the equivalent of lying on the couch and 10 would be like sprinting to catch a bus.


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