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Smart Fitness Gear for Any Athlete

Looking for fitness gear for your favorite workout? Want to try a new sport this season? Whether you want to hit the water or stay on dry land, we found fitness gear you'll love.
fitness gearFor Surfers: Isle Stand Up Paddle Surfboards

($715 and $99 for the paddle,

If you love surfing, but don't have an ocean nearby, consider stand up paddling (SUP). SUP is one of the fastest growing water sports in the country today, since you can do it in any body of water (even the pool). Stand on the board and paddle for fun races with your friends and an amazing workout. Isle Surfboards' Isle Girl SUPs are light, made of epoxy glass (stronger and lighter than fiberglass) and come in a multitude of custom designs, sized just for you.  

fitness gearFor Hikers: Motorola Talkabout MR350R


When hiking in the mountains, cell phones frequently don't work—but two-way radios do! These two-ways are functional but stylish with vividly colored designer faceplates. Units have National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather alerts and built-in emergency alert buttons and flashlights.

fitness gearFor Yogis: The Yantra Mat


DIY is a big theme this summer—so skip hiring a masseuse or acupuncturist, and do it yourself with this acupressure spike mat. The 8800 acupressure points help alleviate back pain, headaches and stress, and aid circulation. The easily storable mat is simple to use—you don't do anything but lie down, tingle, and get Zen.

fitness gearFor Water-Sport Lovers: Julbo BoaVista Sunglasses


These brand new shades are made for water sports. With wraparound frames, polarizing lenses and water-repellent coating, you'll see clearly despite the glare and splash while you water ski. Plus, you'll look much cooler than your friends who can't see through their $5 cheapies!

fitness gearFor Divers: Aqua Lung's Pearl i3


Nothing says "summer adventure" like scuba diving! Dive like a champ with this gear in your arsenal; its women-specific design is noticeably different. This ladies BC (buoyancy compensator) combines a jacket style with a back inflation unit, has a sleek profile and even features an integrated sports bra. A percentage of each purchase goes to the American Cancer Society to support breast cancer research.

fitness gearFor Runners: HoodieBuddie with HB3 Technology


No one goes for a jog without their mp3 player anymore—and HoodieBuddie makes it easy to take one with you on chilly summer mornings. These cute sweatshirts include washable headphone drawstrings and a jack input in the pocket to plug in a cell phone or music player.

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