Your mission

Get the benefits of running while keeping both feet firmly planted. Runners often do speed workouts, alternating sprints with jogging. You'll try the same thing, but on the elliptical. This strategy not only trains your body to move faster, it amps up the calorie burn and improves your endurance too. And while "running" on an elliptical will feel easier than hoofing it on a treadmill because there's no impact, both activities equally challenge your heart and lungs, according to a University of Mississippi study. If you crave the fat-burning bonus of a good run but can't stand the pounding, this is the workout for you.

How it works

Set an elliptical-preferably one without arm levers-to manual. Bend your elbows close to your sides and make loose fists with your hands. Keep the level at moderate (4 or 5 if your machine goes up to 10, 10 to 14 if it ends at 25), but adjust the incline and speed as suggested to meet the recommended rate of perceived exertion (RPE*). Want to torch another 200 calories? Repeat the plan, beginning at minute 4.

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