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The Difference Between Pronated and Supinated Grips and When to Use Each In Your Workout
Yes, how you hold your weight does matter. Get a breakdown of when to use a pronated grip or a supinated grip to get the most out of your sweat session.
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Which piece of strength workout equipment is truly better than the other? Here, pro trainers settle the kettlebell vs. dumbbell discourse once and for all.
This Abs and Glutes Barre Workout Is Perfect for Beginners
If you're still new(ish) to barre workouts, you'll love testing your strength with these exercises from Sweat trainer Britany Williams.
Your Body Needs This Back and Shoulders Workout
If you've been slumped over your laptop while WFH, this upper body workout from Kelsey Wells is the antidote. All you need is a resistance band!

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