Blast 300-plus calories and work your lower body from every angle with this 30-minute boredom-busting routine

By Lindsey Emery
September 13, 2012

To tackle your most stubborn problem spots-and add variety to that treadmill sesh-turn your traditional stride on its side. Walk backward and your hamstrings and glutes will work harder than they do when you go forward; move sideways and you'll target your inner and outer thighs. Designed by Jodi Cornish, who teaches TreadZone at Equinox Fitness Clubs in NYC, this plan combines both of those motions with jogging intervals, a strength move, and hill climbs for a fat-torching workout that sculpts muscles too. "You'll strengthen your legs, abs, and butt while burning up to 60 percent more calories than you would walking at a moderate pace with no incline," she says.

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As a bonus, we've created an upbeat cardio playlist to match the momentum of this routine. Now that's what we call a gam slam!

Treadmill Workout Plan