Get your heart rate up and add in some strength work with these total-body cardio sessions that will leave you a good kind of gassed.

By By Jeanine Detz and Shannon Bauer
Updated August 07, 2019
med ball squat
Credit: Artem Varnitsin/EyeEm/Getty Images

Getting a full-body cardio workout seems simple enough: running, cycling, walking-they all offer their cardio benefits. But the best full-body workouts include a mix of moves and exercises that work not just your cardiovascular system (to get your heart pumping) but have added strength perks, too. These two workouts check the box for both a solid full-body cardio workout but also the strength work you need to build a more resilient body. (Here's how to build your own full-body cardio workout, too.)

On the days you're craving a little bit more, get to work by completing one of the below sessions. Both can be completed in under 30 minutes!

Full-Body Cardio Workout #1

The below workout was created by Barry's Bootcamp chief instructor Keoni Hudoba. Warm-up with 30 seconds of frontal and lateral jumping jacks, 30 seconds of butt kicks, 30 seconds of capoeira (swing arms around to sides while simultaneously tapping the same foot behind, and 30 seconds of high knees.

Lower Body Strength and Power:

  • Jump rope: 20 seconds (Related: One Amazing Trainer Shares Why Jump Roping Is One of the Best Total-Body Workouts)
  • Single-Leg Burpee: 20 seconds on each side (Get on the floor in push-up position. Hold one leg off floor. Jump foot toward body, then press to stand on one leg. Lower back down and jump out until leg is straight.)
  • Jump rope: 20 seconds
  • Plie Squat: 40 seconds
  • Jump rope: 20 seconds
  • Star Jumps: 40 seconds
  • Jump rope: 20 seconds
  • Isometric Squat Hold: 40 seconds

Lower Body Cardio:

  • Jump rope: 20 seconds
  • Lunge Jumps: 4 per leg
  • Jump rope: 20 seconds
  • Squat Jumps: 8 reps
  • Jump rope: 20 seconds
  • Fast Feet: 8 seconds
  • Jump rope: 20 seconds
  • Curtsy Plies: 4 reps  (Stand with feet hip-width apart. Place left foot behind right leg and lower left knee. Jump into a wide squat stance then jump back into a curtsy squat with right knee lowered behind left leg.)

Repeat 3x for a total of 4 rounds. (Plus, don't miss the 20-minute full-body workout video inspired by ballet.)

Upper Body Strength and Power:

  • "W" Squeeze Burpee: 40 seconds (Jump both legs back to pushup position. Lower shoulders into push-up. Raise hands off the floor and arch backwards. Jump feet back toward hands and jump vertically, reaching arms above head.)
  • Stall Push-Up: 40 seconds (Start in pushup position with feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Lower shoulder to ground in a pushup. Rotate body to side, so only one hand is on ground. Return to center for a pushup and rotate to other side.)
  • Crab Triceps Press: 40 seconds (Sit on ground with legs bent and palms flat on ground next to hips. Straighten one leg in front of body and raise parallel to ground.)
  • Isometric Spider Hold: 20 seconds each side (Begin in top of pushup position. Lower shoulders to ground and bring right knee up to right elbow. Keeping left leg straight, hold. Switch sides.)

Upper Body Cardio:

  • Cross-Body Mountain Climbers: 8 reps
  • Walking Plank/Elevator: 4 reps (Start in push-up position. One arm at a time, lower to forearms then back up to hands.
  • Pike Push-Up: 4 reps (Begin in push-up position with legs spread wide. Jump legs forward and together, but keep hands planted on the ground. Jump back into wide pushup position.)
  • Shoulder Blasts: 4 reps (Begin with hands on the ground, feet together in pike pushup position. Lower shoulders to ground and raise until arms are straight.)

Repeat 3x for a total of 4 rounds.

Cool down with 30 seconds capoeira, 15 seconds tricep stretch per side, 15 seconds standing quad stretch per side.

Full-Body Cardio Workout #2

To complete the below full-body cardio workout created by trainer and former Shape fitness director Jeanine Detz you'll need a jump rope, kettlebell, medicine ball, and mat.

How to do it: Perform each move for one minute without resting in-between. Repeat for a total of 2 rounds.