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Trainers Reveal: The #1 Piece of Equipment I Swear By


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"Kettlebells are so versatile and portable. Right now, my family and I are traveling to every state and I’ve made a goal to do a different kettebell workout in each one!." - Jenn Nims of Girl Heroes

The Outdoors

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"The great outdoors, especially running falls in the Rocky Mountains." - Kirez Reynolds of Hammer CrossFit (For those of you not into running up waterfalls, the benefits of being outside extend to running on dry land as well!)

Exercise Ball

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I love the ball. My favorite move is a one-legged plank. Hands on floor. One foot on ball. One foot in the air. To make it really hard, take that "floating" foot, lift it up behind you and around to the other side, touching the floor. For example, if your left foot is on the ball and your right foot is in the air, then your right foot would come around and touch to the left side on the floor." - Alexandra Williams of Fun and Fit


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"I love a good old-fashioned barbell! It makes me feel strong and powerful and makes my clients feel more confident and inspired. I love the versatility and range of motion that you can achieve with it, and I love seeing clients do heavy deadlifts and front squats with weights they never thought the could lift!" - Kim Ludeman of Trainer Kim

Tabata Timer

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"My favorite piece of equipment is my tabata timer that plays through my iPod so I can play my sweet mixes and my class can hear the beep over the music. Awesome." - Jeni Svestka

Kettlebell Snatches

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"I love to do the kettlebell snatch because it is a full-body exercise that's the perfect combination of strength and cardio. (and can be done in my kitchen!). The snatch starts as a swing and as the bell swings forward, snap your hips and keep the kettlebell close to your body. Use the momentum to drive the kettlebell overhead." - Lisa Gulley of Workout Mommy


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"The TRX! I like pushups and knee tucks with your feet in the stirrups." - Elana Baldwin


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"My resist-a-ball! Try this move: kneel on all fours and place the ball on the floor in front of you touching your chest. Jump forward, rolling your body over the ball. Go until the ball is under your knees or your feet if you are strong enough. You should end in a plank position with your hands holding you up. Finally, push back to the starting position. Add repeats until you are smoked." - Sgt Tim Peterson of Sgt Peterson's Boot Camp

Bosu Ball

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"I love the BOSU ball! Burpies using it are my all time favorite! " - Kristen Stehly of Stuft Mama

Pull-Up Band

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"My new pull-up band! I've got several female clients using it to master an unassisted pull-up. And it's helping me in my quest for one too!" - Tamara Grand of Fit Knit Chick

Yoga Mat

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"My fave piece of equipment is my mat! I bring it everywhere when I am working out. I won't ever use a public mat! - Jennie Berglund

The Pool

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"Underwater treadmill sprints." - Chris Kost, aquatics training specialist


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