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TRX Workout: 7 Moves to Erase Every Bulge
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TRX Workout: 7 Moves to Erase Every Bulge

Trainers swear by it, your coworker raves about it, and the TRX classes at your gym are always packed. Suspension training is officially a fitness craze, and for good reason: It's super-effective, it offers hundreds of exercise options, and because the gear is portable, you can do it anywhere.

To help you put the TRX to use, we asked Jay Cardiello, SHAPE's fitness editor-at-large, to share his favorite moves. These exercises work your upper and lower body from multiple angles, targeting every muscle and replicating how you move in real life. That means you won't just get slimmer and stronger all over—you'll also perform better and be less prone to injury. Plus, because you'll need to maintain balance (the straps are wobbly), each move works your core and even your smaller stabilizing muscles. Trust us: It won't be long before you're obsessed with the TRX too.

How it works: Try this workout three times a week. if you've never used a TRX, do 2 sets of each move for 30 seconds in order, moving at a slow, controlled pace. Familiar with the device? Perform 3 sets.
You will need: TRX
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