This quick high-intensity cardio and strength routine will torch fat and tone your trouble zones for a body you can flaunt in a swimsuit or skinny jeans!

By SHAPE Editors
September 18, 2013

By now you may have heard about SHAPE's exciting new book The Bikini Body Diet by Tara Kraft. This six-week diet and fitness program is designed to help you melt fat and tone up from head to toe. While fall is fast approaching, you can still reap the benefits of this revolutionary plan. Do the workout below two days a week, plus cardio two more days a week, to maintain your bikini body and look better than ever in jeans! The routine combines high-intensity cardio with total-body strength training for a fat-burning effect that lasts long after you finish exercising. Click here to get a printable version of the workout you can bring to the gym, or pin the graphic below on Pinterest to save it for later.