The Instagram fitness sensation shares a brand-new, total-body routine to get your heart-rate up and push your body to the next level

By Kylie Gilbert

After personal trainer Anna Victoria went from so-called 'skinny fat' to fit, she made it her mission to help women transform their bodies with her Fit Body Guides-and has since turned into an Instagram sensation. (Just check out the photos tagged with #fitbodyguide and #fbgprogress!)

In advance of her very first FBG meetup next week, Anna shared with us one of the three circuits she'll be debuting at the event, so you can reap the total body benefits even if you aren't in NYC. (Get to know the It-trainer in our interview and quick- fire video and then check her our in our 30-Day Slim-Down Challenge!

Glute Bridge + Narrow Glute Bridge

2 Rounds (1 Round = 10 Glute Bridges + 10 Narrow Glute Bridges

Begin by laying on the ground with knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Feet should be shoulder width apart.

Raise hips up and drive the movement through heels. Pause for a brief second when hips are raised as high as possible and squeeze glutes.

Return to the starting position and repeat for stated number of reps.

Perform the same movement for the narrow glute bridge, but instead of placing feet shoulder width apart, bring feet together side by side. Repeat for stated number of reps. This is one round. Repeat for two rounds.

Lunge Pulses + Kickback

5 Rounds (1 Round = 3 Lunge Pulses + 1 Kickback)

Begin in a lunge position.

Lower body to perform a lunge, and pulse this position for three pulses.

After the third pulse, kick back leg backwards and squeeze glutes! Be sure to keep chest out when kicking back to maintain proper posture and form. This is one round. Repeat for five rounds, then repeat on the opposite leg for five rounds.

Squat Pulses + Squat Jump

10 Rounds (1 Round = 2 Squat Pulses + 1 Squat Jump)

A Begin in a squat position and proceed to pulse the movement by slightly standing, then going back into a squat. Do this movement for three squat pulses.

B After the second pulse, perform a squat jump by jumping up as high as possible, throwing arms back for momentum. Land in a squat position and repeat. At the top of the squat jump, squeeze glutes! This is one round. Repeat for 10 rounds.

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