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Your Guide to Plyometrics
Fitness pros break down everything plyometric training entails and reveal the benefits it has to offer for your body and workout routine.
Why You Get 'Runner's Itch' During Cardio Workouts
Find out the common causes behind runner's itch and who's most likely to feel the urge to scratch halfway through a sweaty workout.
The 30-Day Treadmill Workout Challenge That's Actually Fun
This killer treadmill challenge, which works for athletes of all experience levels, uses intervals to improve your endurance, speed, and power in just a month.
6 Ways Walking Benefits Your Physical and Mental Health
ICYDK, walking 30 minutes a day can reap major rewards. Here, the main benefits of walking, plus expert tips on how to get the most out of your walks.
This Agility Workout for Beginners Will Improve Your Coordination and Speed
When you're a complete newbie to agility drills, try this beginner-friendly agility workout to master the movements and get your heart rate up.
Why You Should Be Doing Agility Training — It's Not Just for Athletes
Fitness experts explain why agility training should be a staple in everyone's workout routine and demo agility exercises that improve balance, coordination, and more.

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The founder of Find Your Breath is on a mission to bring yoga closer to its Indian roots and establish a more inclusive practice overall. 
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Designed with beginners in mind, this low-impact bodyweight AMRAP workout will fire up your legs, shoulders, and core — and it takes just eight minutes.
This HIIT Workout Will Leave You Breathless Without Doing a Single Burpee

If you're basically the captain of #TeamNoBurpees, you'll appreciate this HIIT workout that includes exactly zero, but will still get your heart pumping.