What the Guys Said


When we posted our survey about weight loss and obesity on SHAPE.com, we also put it on the Web site of our brother publication, Men's Fitness. Here are some of the highlights from the more than 8,000 men who responded:

  • Men's Fitness guys are willing to take the blame for being overweight. Eighty-two percent of men think that Americans' poor eating habits and lack of exercise are responsible for excess poundage.
  • Men also worry about their bodies: Twenty-four percent said they've avoided sex because of fears of what a woman would think of their body.
  • Guys also have something to lose: Seventy-six percent said they'd like to drop some weight, with 50 percent of them wanting to take off between 5 and 20 pounds.
  • Men know they need to slim down, but are less likely to have tried the single most important method for doing so (eating a more balanced diet) when compared with women. Just 47 percent are eating better to lose, while 70 percent of SHAPE readers have made changes to their diet.
  • Both men and women turn to calorie cutting: 52 percent of guys opt for this popular weight-loss measure, while 61 percent of women do.
  • We women worry about our bodies for a reason: Thirty-five percent of Men's Fitness readers said they wouldn't be in a relationship with or marry a woman who is overweight.
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