10 things your group fitness instructor really wants you to know but won't say (out loud)

Have you ever wondered what's going through your bootcamp instructor's head when he's not barking orders? Or if your yoga teacher notices when you slip out before the final savasana? We interviewed a handful of group fitness instructors, who will remain anonymous, to find out what they wish they could really shout into those mics sometimes.

Stop Staring at Me


"Don't just stare blankly at me through the whole class. It gets creepy. Smile. Or at least look around."

Please Laugh at My Jokes!


"Laugh at my jokes! Please! It can be hard standing up in front of everyone and trying to keep the energy going."

Yes, I'm Talking to YOU


"If you think I'm talking to you, I'm talking to you."

No Underwear? No Workout!


"I don't want to see all your business. Please wear longer, looser shorts. And underwear!"

Leave Your Phone at Home


"Never text in class! It's beyond disrespectful!"

I'm Here to Help You


"Pay attention when I'm correcting your form. I'm doing it for your benefit, not just because I like bossing you around."

Pregnancy is Not an Excuse


"Don't get pregnant and stop coming to class. Pregnancy is not an illness! Keep exercising!"

Show Up for the FULL Class


"Don't leave early; stay to stretch! It's the most important five minutes of your workout. It prevents injury, maintains flexibility, and gets your heart rate back down. And while I'm at it, don't come in late. I totally notice!"

I am Not a Doctor


"I am not a doctor so don't ask me to diagnose anything! And don't even think about showing me your rash!"

Lying to Me Only Hurts You


"Don't lie to me about getting plastic surgery. First, I need to know so I can help you modify things. And second, nobody believes you anyhow when you say you can't lift any weights with your arms because you threw your back out…and your chest has magically grown two sizes."