If I no longer feel sore a day or two after my workout, should I do something differently?

A: Yes. It's good to be a little sore; if you're not, it may be a sign that your muscles have adapted to the workout you're doing. Continuing with the same routine will help you maintain your current muscle tone and strength, but to get stronger and reshape your body, you have to add some variety. "Increase the weight, sets or reps; vary the pace (take a few counts to lift or lower the weight) or order of your routine; or completely change your moves," says Brian Sutton, a personal trainer who specializes in sports-performance enhancement for women. Often you'll feel the effects of even a minor tweak -- like adding a pound or two to your biceps curls -- as a slight ache the next day. Too much soreness can mean you're overdoing it, though. If it doesn't diminish within four days of your workout, ease up.

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