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Work Out in Your Zone

For years, the formula 220 minus your age has been the standard for estimating your maximum heart rate (MHR). Now researchers
at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan,
may have found a better way. After tracking the
heart rates of 132 people over 25 years, they
found that subtracting 70 percent of your age
from 207 (207 - [0.7 x age]) gives a more accurate
MHR. "The old formula may have you
exercising more intensely than you should be,
which can lead to injury, or not hard enough,
which will slow down your results," says Ronald
Gellish, the study's lead author. To hit your
target on cardio machines (which rely on the
old formula): Calculate your MHR with the new
method, then subtract that number from 220;
the result is the "age" to use when you program
the machine. Or go by our cheat sheet below.

Your Age
Age to put into a cardio machine

NOTE: If you're between 40 and 49, the difference between
the two formulas is less than two beats, so plug in your real age.


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