Every month we remind you ofthe reasons you should exerciseregularly. Need two more? Yourbreasts. New research shows usthat exercising often and at ahigher intensity (RPE 6 orgreater*) has a protective effectagainst breast cancer-findingsthat dovetail with the AmericanCancer Society's latest recommendationof 45 to 60 minutes ofphysical activity five days a week. To make it easy for you, weasked Tom Holland, a trainer andan exercise physiologist in Darien,Connecticut, to design a routineusing intervals to keep the intensityhigh but also still manageable(so you don't keel over). "You'llwork really hard for a short periodof time then recover at a moremoderate level," he says. "Cancerprevention aside, this type of trainingburns tons of calories,improves your endurance, and-because you keep switching upthe intensity-stops you from gettingbored."

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