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Workout Glow: Check Out Our Facebook Fans' Post-Workout Pictures!

Workout Glow: Kim Hillary Kunkle

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"Letting my feet breathe after a great run in the crisp spring air! Love the feeling of power and achievement I get from working out!!!"

-Kim Hillary Kunkle

Workout Glow: Stephanie Mullen

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"I love that I feel strong and sexy when I'm actually gross and sweaty! Running gives me confidence!"

-Stephanie Mullen

Workout Glow: Taryn Perry

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"My husband and I after a grueling live workout with Shaun T. It was outdoor, on the back of our cruise ship and it was delightful to SWEAT as much as we did! Hard work, but paid off."

-Taryn Perry

Workout Glow: Nicole Parish

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"I'm a red, sweaty mess, but I love it!! I'm healthier & I look & feel better after every workout! :)"

-Nicole Parish

Workout Glow: Marjorie Rudy Jones

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"Picture of me when I finished working out my core and arms, I had the music blaring to my favorite songs and just went to town :) I love the sense of accomplishment of finishing a workout and it’s awesome when you start seeing the results of your hard work!"

-Marjorie Rudy Jones

Workout Glow: Wendy McClure Johnson

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"After teaching my favorite class ever--TurboKick!"

-Wendy McClure Johnson

Workout Glow: Michelle Harthorn Ginther

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"This is "Mac's" post run swim. I love my 4 legged running partner :-)"

-Michelle Harthorn Ginther

Workout Glow: Tracey BossChick Wilson

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"I love the SWEAT! It lets me know that I am working hard and that the benefits are gonna be GREAT!"

-Tracey BossChick Wilson

Workout Glow: Camille Gabonia

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"I love working out because it does amazing things for my physical and mental well-being! Healthy is beautiful :) When you feel great overall, then nothing can bring you down! And this is all for ME ♥"

-Camille Gabonia

Workout Glow: Shannon Gamblin Heavener

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"My first 5K ...workout glow. LOL...I will post a newer one later!"

-Shannon Gamblin Heavener

Workout Glow: Emily Okerlund

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"Here's a picture of me after a Turbo Kick workout... what a sweaty mess!! Working out has given me a community of supportive people to rely on and has helped me grow the confidence to go from the shy girl in the back of the class to the girl with the mic teaching Group X! (Oh, and those CRAZYYY endorphins don't hurt, either! :P)"

-Emily Okerlund

Workout Glow: The Get In Shape Girl

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"I love feeling strong, energized and thin!"

-The Get In Shape Girl

Workout Glow: Tonya Renea

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"Why I am in love with gym? Because being able to do more for my body, so that my body will be able to do more for me."
-Tonya Renea

Workout Glow: Cherie Hart Steffen

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"Windblown and fresh from a run! It beats chillin' on the couch any day! ♥"

-Cherie Hart Steffen

Workout Glow: Krista Valdez

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"I love that sexy post-workout glow. I feel on top of the world after a good workout!"

-Krista Valdez

Workout Glow: Rikki Burpee

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"I love that working out gets me through my day so much easier. It is a stress reliever before the stress even has a chance to hit. Knowing that every drop of sweat gets me closer to my goal makes me keep going!"

-Rikki Burpee

Workout Glow: Anna DiGiallonardo Wolf

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"Just spent an hour running on the treadmill! Feels Good! :)"

-Anna DiGiallonardo Wolf


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