How would your bike ride stack up to the pros in the Tour de France? Now, you can find out.

VERSUS (, the sports cable network that's airing the Tour de France through Sunday, July 25, has teamed up with MapMyRide ( to create "Le Tour Challenge." It lets cyclists like you and me log our daily rides and see how we would have stacked up against actual competitors in that day's stage of the Tour de France. And now that Lance Armstrong has dropped back, your rides may be looking better than ever.

The cool thing about this virtual challenge isn't just that it's a nifty game. It has real-life legs: You can earn an actual jersey if you "win" that day's stage (compared to all the other people who logged their rides that day). Even better, just logging your ride enters you to win other impressive daily freebies.

You can also join a team and have your miles contribute to that virtual team's success. And even better, you can join a team and raise funds for the American Diabetes Association (find out more here).

So - you see how you stack up against the pros and everyone else who rode that day. You can raise money to fight diabetes. You get entered to win free stuff. You can watch your miles rack up on MapMyRide and find new rides in your area to take (works for running and hiking, too).

But here's the real payoff: Knowing that your miles will be logged, will be seen, and could even count toward charity get you out there. It helps you ride farther. Maybe even faster. Maybe harder. Worked that way for us (didn't cut off that extra hill the other morning!)

But women? Let's keep our numbers up! The Tour de France doesn't feature us, but we're right there in Le Tour Challenge. Let's show ‘em what we've got! It's not too late to join the ride.