How important is exercise for breast cancer survivors? Read on to find out.

After battling breast cancer, the last thing you may feel like is heading back to the gym. But staying is important: Research reveals that survivors who exercise regularly live longer than those who don't. These three programs are designed to help you build muscle and energy so you can feel like yourself again.

Beat Cancer Boot Camp: Navy SEAL-inspired fitness workouts

Enroll in this two-month Tuscon, Arizona program ($25-40) for Navy SEAL-inspired fitness workouts that feature energy-boosting cardio exercises and resistance-training moves to build strength. The instructor, a cancer therapist, organizes support networks and educational lectures.

Livestrong at the YMCA: free small-group workout routines

In these free small-group training sessions-currently in 20 U.S. cities-fitness trainers and instructors meet with survivors to custom-design workout routines that includes a mix of aerobics, yoga, strength training, and swimming. Classes are held twice a week for two to three months; several of these programs offer nutritional advice and counseling to boot.

The Pink Ribbon Pilates Exercises

This Pilates-based recovery plan aims to increase range of motion, balance, and strength. More than 350 certified trainers across the country meet one-on-one with patients to give a physical assessment and create a personalized workout plan featuring Pilates exercises. Interested in becoming a trainer yourself? The program offers workshops to get certified ($450-495).