Which results in more calories being burned: calories burned inline skating or calories burned biking? Find out below.

Q: I plan to get in better shape this summer by using the 10-mile-long flat bike path at my local park. Which burns more calories: inline skating or bicycle riding?

A: "It depends on your intensity," says Tom Seabourne, Ph.D., director of physical education at Northeast Texas Community College in Mount Pleasant and a former competitive ultradistance bicyclist. As long as you push yourself, Seabourne adds, you can burn plenty of calories doing either activity.

For a 145-pound woman, inline skating burns approximately 500 calories per hour, while bicycling at a reasonable 12- to 14-mph pace burns about 560. But if you up the intensity to 16 mph, cycling can burn as many as 835 calories in an hour.

To increase the calories burned inline skating, skate as continuously as possible, minimizing the time you spend gliding. The same goes for the calories burned biking: Try to pedal rather than coast. "You might also try interval training," Seabourne suggests. When the bike path is clear of other cyclists and skaters, sprint for a couple of minutes, slow down to your normal pace until you feel rested, then push hard again.

Since both cycling and skating are great for burning calories and boosting fitness, Seabourne suggests alternating the two activities. "This will help prevent overuse injuries and boredom," he says.

Boost the number of calories that you burn as you maximize your workout routines with both inline skating and biking.