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This Yoga and Barre Routine Will Be the Best Workout You Do All Week

There are some classic combinations that just go together—PB&J (see PB&J Recipes That are All Grown Up), wine and cheese (wine can be healthy, after all), and those magical combinations we didn't know we loved until we tried them (we're looking at you, chocolate and avocado). This workout hybrid is the exercise version of the perfect pairing: yoga and barre.

This sculpting class will get you flowing through a vinyasa sequence designed to decompress while toning your entire body through barre-inspired movements. You're getting the best of both worlds in one workout—toned arms, thighs, and booty (along with that yoga high). (Check out Thigh Slimming Exercises from Pure Barre).

YouTube sensation Brett Larkin knows her stuff. She teaches an alignment-based, vinyasa flow based off of her fifteen years of ballet and modern dance training and infuses her yoga sequences with dance-like transitions, spiral movements, and detailed attention to the breath for a workout that's serene, strong, and playful. Larkin teaches at studios in San Francisco and at top companies like Google and Pinterest, as well as on her YouTube channel and Grokker, where thousands of students take her classes each month. This workout means business and you'll be feeling the burn in no time.

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