This Manduka Yoga Bundle Is Everything You Need for a Home Practice

These yoga essentials will help you stay zen during this crazy time.

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If you've recently tried to buy a set of dumbbells, some resistance bands, or a kettlebell to use for home workouts during the coronavirus pandemic, you probably already know that a looooot of home workout equipment is sold out. Womp.

But that certainly does not mean you're SOL when it comes to staying fit and healthy during this indefinite quarantine. For starters, there are a ton of bodyweight exercises you can do (and, yes, they're plenty hard enough). Trainers are also getting super creative by demoing home workouts using household items on social media. And, last but not least, implementing yoga into your routine—arguably one of the best workouts and mindful practices for this uncertain time—can both benefit your immune system and help reduce stress and anxiety.

The *great* thing about yoga, is that you can easily get into a flow on your carpet (or even in your bed)—however, your practice will seriously benefit from investing in a quality yoga mat. Admittedly, there are tons of yoga mat options out there—almost too many—and, luckily, they haven't been totally snapped up amidst the COVID-19 panic buying. But with an overwhelming amount of yoga mats to choose from, how do you narrow it done to just one? (

Here's a good place to start: If you normally borrow a mat from your local studio, there's a good chance they use the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat (Buy It, $120, It's cushioned enough to use on carpet or a hard floor, has a grippy texture perfect for un-heated yoga classes (aka your living room), and is made with a special closed-cell construction that keeps moisture from absorbing into the mat, preventing bacteria buildup.

If you're building your home yoga studio from the ground up, you might want to consider investing in other yoga gear as well, including yoga blocks, a strap, and mat cleaner (because if there's any time to be a stickler about cleaning stuff in your home, it's RN). And you can snag all of these tools from Manduka, too: The brand's Cork Yoga Blocks (Buy It, $20, have a nice weight to them, so they don't tip over as easily as lighter foam blocks; the Unfold Yoga Strap (Buy It, $12, will help you ease into deeper postures; and a few spritzes of Manduka's All-Purpose Mat Wash (Buy It, $14, will leave your mat clean, smelling fresh, and ready for your next session.

The best news, though? Manduka conveniently bundled all these items together—the Pro mat, two cork blocks, a strap, and the mat cleaner—in the Home Studio Bundle (Buy It, $188,, so you have everything you need to practice at home.

Snap it up now, check out one of these at-home yoga streaming options, and get your om on. Your body—and your mental health—will be better for it, promise.

Manduka/Tawan Chaisom/EyeEm/Getty Images

Buy It: Manduka Home Studio Bundle, $188,

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