Everything You Want to Know About Peloton Yoga, Including Classes and Instructors

Learn about all the different types of classes, the best ever Peloton yoga instructors, and how to filter through the app to find the perfect flow.

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You already know Peloton as the go-to platform for cycling, running, and strength workouts, and maybe you even know that the brand serves up some serious Pilates content too. But did you know the brand also offers a massive library of live and on-demand Peloton yoga classes for all levels? Whether you've been downward dogging for decades or you're just starting out on the mat, Peloton yoga has a wide variety of classes suitable for all levels and their roster of expert instructors rivals that of any dedicated yoga app.

The Five Elements of Peloton Yoga

The Peloton yoga offerings are rooted in five elements of the practice: foundation, power, focus, recovery, and unity. Here's how the brand defines each of those categories to allow members to curate their own practice to match their interests, experience, and ability.

  1. Foundation: Just starting out on your yoga journey or hoping to build upon your existing experience? Dedicate some time to work on the basics. Peloton yoga classes are offered in the following categories that all fall under the area of "foundation": Yoga Flow, Yoga Basics, and Yoga Anywhere. As you may have assumed, these types of Peloton yoga classes are rooted in the fundamentals of yoga, teaching students the basics of linking the physical and mental components of the practice. (Fun fact: "Yoga" means "to yolk" as in "to join together," so cultivating that union between mind and body is important!) Even if you have years of yoga experience, the foundation collection will help you refine your skills and deepen your yoga education. (And FYI: Peloton recently launched a new three week "Beginner Yoga" program led by instructors Aditi Shah, Anna Greenberg, and Kristin McGee to help guide newbies who want to learn the ropes in a safe and attainable way.)
  2. Power: If you're looking to turn up the heat and work up a sweat, the "power" collection of Peloton Yoga classes are for you. The power classes emphasize strength and stamina and move at a quicker pace than those in any foundation series. But you don't necessarily need to be a seasoned yogi to try one of these Peloton yoga workouts — you just have to be willing to push your limits and have an open mind (and practice caution in some of the more challenging yoga poses/asanas.
  3. Focus: The "focus" collection offered by Peloton yoga is for anyone who wants to do a serious deep dive into a specific yoga pose, a particular body part, or even a mood (there are classes for when you're feeling happy, calm, sad, confident, and heated). This is where you'll find intensive tutorials on poses such as how to do a handstand, particular body areas (think: core-focused flows), or movement series such as sun salutations. If you have a pose that you've been hoping to get more comfortable with, alignment questions around certain movements, or you just want to hone in on what feels right in the moment, this is the Peloton yoga collection for you. (

The All-Star Peloton Yoga Instructors

You can't go wrong with any one of these master Peloton yoga instructors. They each have their own unique vibe, but all will boost your motivation to return to the mat again and again. Try them all.

  • Aditi Shah: Shah, who has lived and practiced yoga in India and New York City, anchors her Peloton yoga workouts in traditional teachings and creative flows. Her signature series is called Flow and Let Go, but she leads the whole spectrum of classes.
  • Anna Greenberg: Greenberg combines heat-building poses with precise, focused instruction to encourage students to harness stability and create space in her classes. Plus, she's a big fan of using music to inspire movement, so you can expect to really vibe out during one of her Peloton yoga sessions.
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts: Roberts, who received her Ph.D. in educational studies, emphasizes her belief that yoga can connect you to your deepest self and the world around you. Her teaching style is full of self-compassion, but can also include challenging, creative components as well. (ICYMI, Roberts previously teamed up with Jennifer Garner for a week-long meditation series.)
  • Denis Morton: Peloton Bike fans will recognize Morton from his tough cycling classes and music-obsessed attitude ("when the bass drum hits the same foot kicks!"). However, he's also a longtime yogi with 14 years of fitness leadership under his belt, and, in addition to standalone Peloton yoga classes, Morton teaches the half-cycling/half-yoga Reset series (the classes are listed separately under each discipline in the app, but are meant to complement each other).
  • Kirra Michel: Australia native Michel recently joined the Peloton yoga team and brought a whole lot of fire with her. She's passionate about bringing the spiritual aspect of yoga into her session, but she's also a talented gymnast, so expect to find lots of handstand practice and other inversions peppered into her classes.
  • Kristin McGee: McGee has been a household name in the world of yoga teaching long before she joined Peloton. She's not only starred in several yoga DVDs, but has written books on the practice, and has trained some high-profile celeb clients as well. The mom of three boys is a big believer in balance, so while her Peloton yoga classes can be challenging, she'll always include grounding components to bring you back to your breath and back into your body. (

How to Find the Best Peloton Yoga Class for You

Open your Peloton app or toggle through the screen on your Peloton Tread or Peloton Bike, simply navigate to the dedicated yoga section, and you'll be able to scroll through all the Peloton yoga content. From there you can also filter via options such as class time, type, or instructor to find the right Peloton yoga class to fit your exact needs. No matter what workout you choose, the class will fall into one of those five elements mentioned above. Here's how to narrow down your search:

  • Length: Peloton yoga classes are available in various lengths from bite-size to extra long formats. Filter for classes that are either 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, or 75 minutes long.
  • Class type: There are 10 different types of Peloton yoga classes. Filter for any of the following options, all of which level up into one of the five elements described above: flow, focus flow, music, theme, power, slow flow, restorative, family and pre- and post-natal yoga, yoga basics, and yoga anywhere (which include standing poses and chair yoga).
  • Instructors: Choose from one of the nine expert Peloton yoga instructors, some of who teach classes in Spanish or German. (

Now that you have an idea of all that Peloton yoga has to offer, roll out your mat, and get started! You'll work, sweat, relax, and stretch your way to becoming a Peloton yoga fan for life.

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