Peloton Just Relaunched Its Yoga Hub and It Has Something for Everyone

New instructors — and languages — make Peloton's yoga content more holistic and accessible than ever.

Photo: Peloton

Cycling may have been Peloton's first arena of domination, but they've slowly but surely added treadmill workouts and strength training to their trophy case as well. Though their yoga offerings have been around since the near beginning, they've taken a backseat to the platform's more intense workouts — until now.

On April 20, Peloton relaunched their yoga hub, adding three new instructors to the mix, forthcoming classes in two new languages (Spanish and German), and a new breakdown of classes by yoga type.

The new instructors — Mariana Fernández, Nico Sarani, and Kirra Michel — all hail from diverse backgrounds and bring a little something different to the mat. (

Fernández, from Tampico Tamaulipas, Mexico, has been teaching yoga for 11 years and will be leading Peloton's new Spanish-language classes. As a marathoner, she uses yoga to compliment to her training.

"This reality is bigger than any dream... I get to use my background in the arts, as an athlete, and my passion for yoga to get to teach at @onepeloton in both Spanish and English," she wrote in an Instagram announcement. "We include more members, we grow our family, and I will be your biggest cheerleader with every breath and every pose. Thank you for this opportunity."

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Sarani has studied and taught yoga in Bali, Australia, and Germany (among other places) and will be teaching the platform's new German classes. "Peloton Yoga goes Germany - and I'm SUPER PROUD to be part of it as the first German Peloton Yoga Instructor! Stay tuned for more to come next week," she wrote in an Instagram post.

And then there's Michel, who grew up in Byron Bay, Australia as a dancer and surfer. Despite originally being very yoga-averse, she eventually realized its usefulness in cross-training and noticed the numerous benefits on her mental health and body.

"I am so excited to announce that I've joined the Peloton family as one of their newest yoga instructors alongside two PHENOMENAL women, @tiamariananyc & @nicosarani (whom I ADORE 💕)," she wrote in an Instagram post. "The three of us are joining the already incredibly strong and knowledgeable team of yoga instructors who I am beyond honored to teach next to. 🖤✨🙌🏼 This is something I've had my eyes on for years and it goes to show that dedication and hard work pays off. I can't wait to be able to connect with you all and to continue planting and assist in watering the seeds of self reflection, acceptance, understanding and self growth that yoga offers us. What a gift. What a dream come true!"

In addition to these new instructors and offerings in new languages, Peloton is introducing a new set-up for their yoga classes. Now, the Peloton yoga experience will sort classes into five "elements," so you can more easily find the type of flow you're looking for. For example, beginners can look to the Foundation Yoga section to build a strong base, learn core poses, and try traditional flow-style yoga. Users looking for more of a challenge can check out the Power Yoga classes for a little extra push. The Focus Yoga group will help you refine certain poses (think: crow pose, handstand, etc.) so you can improve your practice with precision. Tune into a Recovery Yoga class if you're looking to slow down, rest, and recover during an off day or post-workout. And finally, try Unity Yoga for a class that feels like a special event, whether part of an Artist Series (hi, Beyoncé!), in celebration of a holiday, or within the Prenatal/Postnatal umbrella.

If you've been using your Peloton membership for all the hardcore workouts but have been neglecting this incredible mind-body practice — or if you're a serious yogi and have held off on subscribing due to their previously smaller amount of offerings — consider this your excuse to give Peloton's new yoga classes a try. After all, it's free for the first 30 days for new members.

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