This Yoga Strength Training Workout Will Make You Feel So Powerful

Test your mental toughness and muscular endurance with this powerful yoga flow designed by Sweat trainer Phyllicia Bonanno.

It's a common misconception of the unfamiliar to think yoga is little more than stretching with some "oms" sprinkled between poses. But if you've ever seen a newbie try to walk the day after their first vinyasa class, you know those misconceptions about the strength and stamina needed to practice yoga are anything but true.

This yoga strength workout created by Sweat yoga instructor Phyllicia Bonanno is a perfect example of how the practice can be both beginner-friendly and hard as hell. Couple your other weight lifting workouts and cardio sessions with this yoga strength workout and you'll find that every other exercise you do will benefit. You'll increase your range of motion, you'll prevent injury from tight or weak muscles, you'll remain mobile and limber, and your core will be stronger than ever. (

"Incorporating a low-impact practice, such as yoga, into your exercise routine can be a really great way to build full-body strength and help you to master your mental strength," explains Bonanno. Her yoga strength workout below was specifically designed to help improve your mind-body connection, as well as to find power, strength, balance, and focus both inside and out.

"This beginner-friendly flow is the perfect introduction to yoga as it covers some fundamental poses, which you can practice and build upon as you progress along your yoga journey," she adds.

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Beginner Yoga Strength Workout

How it works: Begin with some breathwork in a seated meditation, then move through a yoga flow with nine beginner yoga poses.

You'll need: A yoga mat (Buy It, $24, was $30,

Seated Breathing Meditation

Take a comfortable seat on the mat and allow yourself to focus on your breath. Throughout the practice, breath will give you power, strength, balance, and focus for each pose.

Take 3-5 breaths.

Bird Dog

  1. Start in tabletop position with a flat back. Hands are directly under shoulders with fingers splayed, and knees are directly under hips.
  2. Extend right arm and left leg, creating a straight line from hand and toes. Gaze over front fingertips.

Take 3-5 breaths. Switch sides; repeat. Do 2 rounds on each side.

Side Plank

  1. Start in high plank position with hands under shoulders. Slowly shift weight into the right hand and move into a side plank, rotating torso, hips, and toes to face the right. Pivot onto the sides of both feet.
  2. Extend left hand up to ceiling and gaze up at fingertips.

Take 3-5 breaths. Switch sides; repeat. Do 2 rounds on each side.

Tiger Curl

  1. From downward-facing dog (from high plank, lift hips to form an upside-down "V" shape with body) inhale to lift right leg high to ceiling.
  2. Exhale to shift forward into plank, bringing right knee to nose. Curl to round the spine and push the ground away.

Do 5 reps. Switch sides; repeat.

Warrior I

  1. From downward dog, lift right leg into air.
  2. Bring right knee to nose, then gently place right foot in between hands.
  3. Pivot back heel down onto the mat. Inhale to rise up, bending deeply into the front leg.
  4. Lift hands up to ceiling along with gaze. Ground down through both feet. Engage core and center hips to face forward.

Take 3-5 breaths. Switch sides; repeat.

Warrior III

  1. From Warrior I, ground down through front foot and slowly lift back leg.
  2. Bring arms alongside body, fingertips pointing back, hinging at hips so torso is parallel to the ground. Lift the back leg as high as possible or up to torso height, forming a straight line from head to heel.
  3. Inhale to release back to warrior I.

Do 3-5 reps. Switch sides; repeat.

Chair Pose

  1. Start standing with both feet together. Bend knees and hinge at hips to sit back into an imaginary chair.
  2. Extend arms up to the ceiling, opening up the chest.

Take 5 breaths.

Malasana Squat

  1. From chair pose, step feet slightly wider than shoulder-width. Slowly lower down into a deep squat with knees open and toes pointed slightly outward.
  2. Bring hands to heart center, using elbows to press thighs outward to increase the stretch.

Take 5 breaths.

Boat Pose

  1. Start sitting on the floor, knees bent with feet planted.
  2. Lift bent legs up so shins are parallel with the floor, and arms are stretched straight hovering at leg height. Balance here, engaging core.

Take 5 breaths. Repeat twice total.

Bridge Pose

  1. Lie face-up on the mat with arms alongside body, knees bent and feet flat on the ground.
  2. Inhale to press through heels and lift hips, squeezing glutes.

Take 3-5 breaths.

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