Read on to learn how Yanneth Castro brought Zumba to her Texas community


After weeks of more voting, we're excited to announce the second-round winner in our nationwide Zumba: Yanneth Castro of Lufkin, Texas! Castro, who teaches at Studio Fuego, became a certified Zumba Fitness instructor in 2010. Her motto is, "Feel the heat and let it burn!" and judging by the reaction of her students, that's exactly what you'll get in her Zumba classes!

"I love taking Yanneth's classes," Lufkin resident Hannah Negrete says. "There are a lot of great instructors at that studio, but Yanneth's one of the best. She makes it fun for you, no matter what your fitness level is."

Castro first became interested in Zumba Fitness in 2010. "It's the only workout that's helped me lose weight," she says. "I lost 37 pounds and went from a size 15 to a size eight."

Now the 31-year-old Castro and mother of three (her kids take Zumba classes with her!) owns her own studio and offers classes five days per week. Students at Studio Fuego can take classes ranging from Zumba Gold for senior citizens to Zumbatoning, which is a specifically designed strength and conditioning Zumba class.

"I would encourage anyone who's interested in Zumba to take a class," she says. "The No. 1 concern most people have is that they think everyone's looking at them. At our studio we turn off the lights and just keep some disco lights on, and that way everyone can focus on having fun. It's all about making sure everyone has a good time."

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