These Supportive Insoles Ease My Chronic Knee Pain — Even After 10 Miles of Walking

I’ve tried dozens of shoe inserts, and these are the best at absorbing shock.

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Walkfulton Insoles

Injuries are an inconvenience that almost every active person will deal with at some point. After a year of training for a marathon and walking as my main mode of transportation, I started to notice some soreness around my left knee. At first, it didn’t bother me. However, as the discomfort progressed to pain over a series of months, I knew I needed to make some lifestyle changes in order to keep moving.

Weight training and physical therapy did wonders to relieve the persistent achiness. However, one thing that’s really made a long-lasting impact was the decision to wear orthotic insoles in my walking shoes. Over the past few years, I’ve tried out dozens of brands. So, when Fulton gave me the opportunity to try out The Classic Insole, I was excited to put my expertise to the test. 

Made from sustainably sourced cork, this shoe insert was designed to support your arch and align your foot to make walking more comfortable. Additionally, the added layer absorbs the impact created by repeatedly stepping on hard surfaces, therefore preventing leg and foot fatigue. The Classic Insole was designed to provide comfort for flat and high arches alike. Most importantly (to me, at least), the combination of shock absorption and a deep, overpronation-preventing heel cradle limits the factors that contribute to knee discomfort. (Pssst: These are the eight best compression knee sleeves, according to customer reviews.)

Buy It: Fulton The Classic Insole, $48,

Putting in the Classic Insoles was super easy. I just took out the regular lining in my Vans and layed my new insert flat inside. As someone who’s used to a squishier foam insert, the firm texture was a little hard to get used to. However, I stuck with them, and after a full week they molded perfectly to my feet. In an attempt to enjoy the last weeks of nice weather in New York, I’ve been skipping the subway and racking up an enormous amount of steps everyday. With the Classic Insoles, I’ve noticed I can walk far past the distance I usually stop at due to knee pain, even reaching ten miles in a day. (BTW: Shoppers with knee pain say these Jennifer Garner-approved sneakers relieve discomfort “within hours.”)

Comfort is an individual experience, and not all insoles are right for all feet. However, as someone who’s worn a ton over the years, I can say that these are a pair I plan on returning to. Shop them at Fulton for $48

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