I just returned from five days in Las Vegas, where I was attending a trade show. I've traveled several times this year and worked hard to stay on track while I was out of my normal routine, but the whirlwind of Vegas is like a high-intensity magnet pulling me toward fantastic restaurants and endless buffets. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous about how I'd fare during the trip. I packed all my good-for-me essentials-a resistance band, a jump rope, and a bag full of high-fiber oatmeal packets, Flavor & Fiber bars, and healthy trail mix to keep my energy up during my long days at the show.

Though I'd planned on hitting the hotel gym at least twice during my stay, I didn't make it as far as even putting on my workout clothes. In terms of my diet, though, I was more successful: I ordered low-fat cottage cheese with fruit for breakfast at the convention center cafeteria, snacked on the bars and trail mix, and kept my portion sizes in check while dining out with colleagues. So overall, I'm proud of myself for not indulging in all that Sin city has to offer. I didn't visit a single buffet!