This $6 'Life Changing’ Amazon Hack Prevents Dreaded Thigh-Chafing During Spring and Summer

Shoppers say the formula is "invisible" and won't transfer onto clothes.

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I wish I’d known about anti-chafing sticks when I ran cross country in high school, and, recreationally, in college. I would have saved my poor inner thighs from a lot of friction-induced discomfort — not to mention, unsightly skin rawness that, TBH, made me feel less-than-confident in my bikinis every spring break. As someone whose thighs will always graze, particularly when I run, I’m intrigued by the Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick: a $6 solution shoppers swear solves chafe-related rawness. As the sweaty spring and summer seasons approach, I can already imagine inner-thigh rawness — which, per Amazon shoppers, needn’t be the case with this product. The $6 problem-solver boasts an overall star rating of 4.6, and plenty of accolades from shoppers.

Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick


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The Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick prevents chafing-induced irritation — specifically, by reducing skin friction. Simultaneously, the product calms existing abrasions, and delivers instant, cooling relief to hot, oversensitized skin. Housed in a deodorant-style stick, the solid product is convenient to use: Simply swipe on inner thighs, under breasts, and virtually any other area where skin-on-skin swooshing causes discomfort. The formula is fragrance-free, gentle, and non-greasy, making it a win for all skin types and situations.

The product contains aloe — which, for numerous reasons, is excellent for quelling issues related to skin friction. Dr. Ted Lain, an Austin-based board-certified dermatologist, previously explained to Shape that aloe is great for soothing irritation, thanks to its “natural anti-inflammatory and calming properties.” And board-certified dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm added that aloe is also hydrating in addition to cooling on impact. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, shoppers swear by this irritation-quelling stick. One shopper even calls the product “life changing” in light of how it soothed their inner-thigh chafing. Moreover, the shopper confirmed that it feels non-greasy on skin and does not transfer onto clothes. Another shopper says the stick “solved” their “chafing issue” under their arms, caused by friction from their bra during workouts. “It’s invisible,” they note of the formula, and “glides on smoothly.” And one reviewer, who says they’ve tried other anti-chafe options, says this product is “the best,” noting, “when I put this on, I don’t have a chafing problem.” 

Shop Gold Bond’s $6 Friction Defense Stick on Amazon for a skin-soother that prevents chafing and relieves irritation on contact.

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