November 10, 2009

Now that my year as a Weight Loss Diary writer is drawing to a close, I have to admit that I've been feeling a definite sense of dieting "senioritis." All year long I've imagined that I would spend my last month doing whatever it took to lose a few more pounds and go out with a bang. So I was surprised that, as the end nears, my thoughts are less about hitting the gym and more about racing to the nearest Waffle House. But I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing. I've been successful by taking it slow and focusing on moderation--an attitude that has let me lose roughly a pound a week without feeling deprived or exhausted. So instead of trying some crazy crash diet now, which could ultimately undermine all of the good habits I've learned, I'm going to continue doing what I've done all along. Because even though my time at Shape is drawing to a close, my journey isn't.