I've always been inspired by reading the success stories of people who have managed to lose weight and get fit. So when I first started writing this diary, one of my dreams was that I might encourage other women the same way. It's been amazing to read all of the blog comments and e-mails I've received telling me that I've done just that. But a few weeks ago, I got to experience it firsthand. I was at the reservoir by my house, stretching after my run, when I ran into three women power-walking. I'd known them all back in college and they told me they'd been following my column in the magazine and that seeing my progress had motivated them to start exercising. They've been walking together three or four times a week, and each has already lost more than 20 pounds! Nothing could beat the feeling of hearing that. Best of all, they invited me to join their group. So now I not only have a standing date to get in my cardio workouts, but I've reconnected with old friends.