Hailey Bieber Recommends This Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer for ‘Dewy, Glowy, Yummy’ Skin

Shoppers call this $17 formula a “dry skin necessity.”

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Among the many things Hailey Bieber is known for (minimalist outfits, a viral beauty brand, and impeccable taste in nail color, to name a few), she has a few practices in particular that caught TikTok’s attention. Last month, the supermodel demonstrated how she achieves her glowing complexion by mixing a hydrating serum with foundation. Days ago, she gave her followers another pre-makeup routine to copy, and named a few more of her skincare favorites for her followers.

“Of course, the goal for me is always really hydrated, nourished, dewy, glowy, yummy, glazed skin,” she explained. “The way I really get that is by layering the right products under my makeup.” In addition to the Rhode Barrier Restore Cream and Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment, Bieber applied a “richer, heavier cream” to moisturize dryer areas of her face and add a “sheen and highlight” to her look. Her pick, which was recommended by “a lot of makeup artists,” is unsurprisingly the Weleda Skin Food moisturizer

Ultra-nourishing for dry, sensitive skin types, this hydrating cream has fans that include shoppers and celebrities like Ashley Graham. The soothing power of the moisturizer comes from a few hero ingredients; antioxidant-rich chamomile extract calms irritation and glycerin draws moisture to your skin’s surface. Meanwhile, a beeswax base strengthens the skin barrier and melts effortlessly into your face. (BTW:Shoppers are calling these wrinkle-smoothing patches a botox alternative.)

Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Body Cream

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“It is a very luxurious formula and worth every penny,” proclaimed one Amazon reviewer. “I use it as a face cream, hand cream, body cream, cuticle softener and foot cream,” they explained, adding that “a little goes a long way.” Another shopper living in the arid Rocky Mountain region called the moisturizer a “dry skin necessity,” and noted that their skin is now “nourished, moisturized, and glowing, rather than dry and dull.” A third fan asserted that “your skin will glow” after using the cream, which they dubbed “very moisturizing” and generally “life saving.”

With winter on the horizon, now is the best time for dry skin girlies to stock up on hydrating must-haves. Shop this supermodel loved moisturizer from $17 on Amazon and Credo Beauty

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