Hannah Soyer

Hannah Soyer
Education: University of Iowa, University of Kansas
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Expertise: Disability, healthcare inequities, arts healing and advocacy

-Freelance writer and journalist

-Experience writing about disability and mental health

-Facilitates writing and art workshops; views storytelling as a form of healing


Hannah Soyer is a writer whose work explores the representation of “Othered” bodies, and how the arts–in particular storytelling–can be beautiful acts of survival, resistance, and community building. She is the founder of This Body is Worthy, a project aimed at celebrating bodies outside of mainstream societal ideals, and Words of Reclamation, a space for disabled writers. She has worked at various newspapers as an opinions columnist, editor, or freelance reporter. Her 2016 investigative piece, “Most Iowa School Districts Don’t Comply With Americans With Disabilities Act” was published in all major Iowa newspapers and spurred a Department of Justice investigation into the accessibility of Iowa schools. Hannah has presented at various conferences on topics related to disability, language, and embodiment. She is also heavily involved in local disability rights movements and various Disability Justice projects. An accomplished English and Creative Writing instructor, workshop facilitator, communicator, and freelance writer/editor, Hannah believes in the power of story. She is an experienced writing coach–both creative and academic–and loves helping individuals realize their ideas and translate them to the page.


Hannah Soyer received her Bachelors in English and Journalism from the University of Iowa. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and a Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from the University of Kansas.

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