The Product Jennifer Aniston Reaches for Every Time She’s ‘Under the Weather’ , Vital Proteins Jennifer Aniston , Jennifer Aniston announces global partnership with Vital Proteins®, America’s leading collagen & wellness brand, joining the team as Chief Creative Officer and the face of the brand’s new campaign.

The Product Jennifer Aniston Reaches for Every Time She's 'Under the Weather'

The combination of vitamin C, electrolytes, and collagen can help keep the sniffles away.
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It's possible that the internet (and humanity as a whole) wants to know every single thing about Jennifer Aniston — and it turns out she's more than willing to share. From her anti-aging skincare routine to her favorite bum-sculpting leggings, the star never gate-keeps when it comes to her beauty and wellness secrets, many of which come at normal-person prices. And when it comes to staying healthy and sniffle-free through the winter, Aniston has a recommendation for that too. (Related: Jennifer Aniston Is Devoted to This $17 Lip Balm)

"If I'm feeling under the weather, I reach for Vital Proteins Vitality Immune Booster (Buy It, $25, in Clementine," the brand ambassador wrote on Vital Proteins' blog back in August. Available in two sugar-free fruit flavors (Grape Citrus is the other one), the powder formula combines naturally derived collagen peptides (shown to improve skin elasticity) with a hefty dose of vitamin C, hydration-promoting electrolytes, and free-radical fighting amino acids. Additionally, in addition to helping the body fight germs, studies suggest that  magnesium and zinc may also stabilize mood and promote calmness. 

It's packaged in portable pouches and easily dissolves into hot or cold liquids. "It helps me boost my immune system no matter the season with convenient stick packs I can keep in my bag. I add it to my water," Aniston added.

Vitality Immune Booster - 500% DV Vitamin C
Credit: Amazon

Shoppers who have given the Vitality Immune Booster a try say it helps them to stay hydrated, even when they're not feeling a cold coming on. "These are a life saver," said one customer, adding that they "definitely help me feel better and are a great source of vitamin C and collagen." Another customer mentioned that they are on their third box. (Related: The Best Collagen Powders for Women, According to Nutritionists)

With cold and flu season kicking off, you can scoop up a 14-pack of Vital Proteins Immune Booster on Amazon today to get ahead of the germs Aniston-style.