This Sleep Supplement Tastes Just Like Hot Cocoa and Works Like a Dream

"Slumber Party" tastes like hot cocoa, but is filled with valerian root, melatonin, and chamomile to encourage sleep.

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By now, it's no secret what you're supposed to do for a good night's sleep: avoid eating big meals late at night, cut the caffeine in the late afternoon, and limit electronic use before bed (LOL). However, as a social media director, I'm pretty much wired to do the exact opposite.

No, seriously — I got a 10-minute, non-invasive brain scan from Wave Neuroscience (which is a test similar to the 23andMe DNA test, aka it's a report made for consumers, except it helps you learn how your brain functions from a neuroscience perspective) and found out that my brain processes information "faster than most," according to Erik Won, D.O. chief medical officer and president of Wave Neuroscience.

"[Alpha frequency] is your clock speed [or] how many bits of information per second you can process and manage," he says. My current alpha frequency might be in the top 5 or 10 percent of the population, according to Dr. Won. My current alpha frequency or brain processing speed is a strength and a weakness because I notice that I have a very tough time shutting down, even though I can process information quickly. My interference score (which is linked to brain fog and trouble focusing) is "higher than we want it to be," says Dr. Won. His recommendation to fix it? More quality sleep.

I try to make a concerted effort to limit caffeine and not eat too late (but I'm a late-night snacker —pssst if you are too, try these late-night snacks recommended by nutritionists), but my real Achilles' heel is screen time. It's been notoriously very difficult for me to cut back on screen time (which is why I refuse to download Wordle). Thus I've fallen prey to practically every sleep aid out there, including but not limited to: This Works Pillow Spray that SJP loves, melatonin gummies (hello, sleep hangover!), chamomile tea (*gags*), weighted blankets, and face oil with a "tranquility fragrance" to promote better sleep.

While I find some of these products to be calming, some don't make me actually sleepy, while others that do just leave me feeling groggy the next day. BTW if you've felt that like you were dragging in the morning, it may have to do with your "sleep architecture," a term Dr. Won uses to explain the difference between simply sleeping versus getting enough deep sleep.

Courtesy of manufacturer

Then one-night mid-scroll on Instagram, I stumbled upon a reel featuring Love Sweat Fitness Slumber Party Sleep Boost (Buy it, $40,

In the reel, Katie Dunlop, the creator behind LSF Nutrition, mixes a chocolatey protein-powder-like substance with steamed almond milk and shortly thereafter heads to bed where she says, "I fall asleep so fast and wake up totally refreshed." The powder resembles hot cocoa but is filled with valerian root, chamomile, and melatonin to help aid sleep. I was curious, to say the least, but when I read her caption I was convinced I had to try it: "It makes my night routine way more focused on slowing down and taking time for ME — even just making it is relaxing!" Dunlop writes. "It satisfies the late-night sweet tooth, gives me the BEST night's sleep ever, and I actually wake up naturally feeling GOOD!" she says in the caption.

I placed my order and a few weeks later, I finally tried it for myself. It's quickly become my new favorite thing. I couldn't believe how fast-acting, effective (within 30 minutes of drinking it I'm yawning, which means my body is releasing melatonin, according to Dr. Won), and incredibly tasty it was. One scoop of the powder in warm oat milk or hot water, a quick stir, and 30 minutes later my body's ready for bed. The warm drink left me feeling so sleepy I'm not even tempted to scroll on my phone when I hit the pillow (who am I?!).

I wake up feeling refreshed and not the least bit groggy. I consult my Fitbit Luxe and my Sleep Score confirms I've gotten much more quality sleep than I'm used to. Even though Slumber Party contains melatonin and chamomile (which left me feeling groggy before) this drink did not give me the same hungover feeling. My guess is that I was taking a lower dose of melatonin in the drink, compared to the gummies, which may explain the reduced hangover-esque effect from taking more melatonin.

It's safe to say that I'll be taking Slumber Party with me on the road next time I have a long plane ride or want to get better sleep in a noisy hotel room. Since falling in love with it a few months ago, I've already re-ordered twice. TL;DR Sumber Party is officially a pantry and nighttime routine staple.

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