Today is National Guacamole Day, a.k.a. the Best Day Ever. Here at Shape, we're firmly in the camp that simple is best, but everyone has a different idea of what really "makes" guacamole. Whether you prefer mild, spicy, savory, or a sweet flavor, there's a recipe for you on this list. Scroll down for 10 mouthwatering different guacamole recipes and get ready to carretear (that's slang for 'party').

1. Roberto Santibañez' classic guacamole. Often considered the man who made Mexican food in New York trendy, Santibañez says he never mashes up the avocado in guacamole completely, he only "crushes up enough of it to warrant it consideration as a dip rather than a salad," he told Food52.

2. Spicy bacon guacamole. We know bacon's not the healthiest snack option, but hey, today's a holiday, right? Trust us, the bacon and pickled jalapeño in this recipe form a combination you don't want to miss out on.

3. Mango pomegranate guacamole. Like a little sweet with your savory? This recipe folds in tart mango and crunchy pomegranate seeds for a rainbow-colored dip that's chock-full of nutrients and flavor.

4. Copycat Chipotle guacamole. Say what you will about Chipotle, but its guacamole is positively addictive. PopSugar Food went behind the scenes with founder Steve Ells and got the secret ingredient the company swears by in its popular dip.


Photo credit: Food52

5. Rachael Ray's apple and almond guac. This recipe is a little crunchy, a little creamy, always delicious.

6. Celery-spiked guac with chiles. The Serrano chiles and garlic add a little heat to this recipe, while the fresh celery cools it down for a combination that packs a powerful punch of flavor.

7. Fully loaded guacamole. This recipe from Valerie's Kitchen is technially a little more like a salad than guacamole, but we'll allow it on the list for two reasons: One, it's great to make in large batches (can you say party time?), and second, it's literally loaded with healthy veggies like corn, bell peppers, and jicama.

8. Grilled guacamole with parmesan and basil. Ditch the cilantro, lime juice, and onions, and swap in parmesan, olive oil, and basil for a buttery, Italian-inspired spread instead. Grilling the avocados before mashing will add an extra layer of depth to the finished result.

9. Guacamole with margarita coulis. Has it been one of those days? You're in luck: Now you can get your buzz on while eating with this tequila-laced recipe from the Food Network.

10. Blazing hot habanero guac. This one is not for the faint of heart, but if your tastebuds could use a new challenge, go for it.