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4 smart food strategies

  1. Clean
    Germs spread easily from one surface to another,
    so wash all utensils and cutting boards with hot, soapy
    water after each use. Be sure to scrub your hands for at least
    20 seconds (the time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday")
    before handling food.
  2. Separate
    Prevent cross-contamination by placing meat,
    poultry, fish, and eggs into separate bags at the store,
    and double-wrap them to prevent their juices from leaking onto
    other foods in the grocery cart and fridge.
  3. Chill
    If you won't be home within an hour, stash a cooler
    in your car to store perishables. Your fridge should be set at
    40°F or below and your freezer at 0°F or below. Defrost meat
    and poultry in the fridge, ice-cold water, or the microwave.
  4. Cook
    Heat kills germs, but safe temperatures vary by food.
    Poultry should be cooked to 165°F, hamburgers to 160°F,
    and roasts, steaks, and fish to 145°F.


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