By Alanna Nunez
Updated: December 09, 2015

A multivitamin is one of the best tools you can add to your health and fitness arsenal to optimize your health and perform at your best, but oftentimes they're dry, chalky, and hard to choke down. Not anymore! While you may be too old to enjoy Flintstones Gummies vitamins, these adult-friendly versions are just as fun, tasty, and colorful as their kid counterparts-and pack essential nutrients grown-ups need.

1. Naturemade Calcium Adult Gummies

These are perfect for adults who are searching for a slightly more pleasant, tastier way to get the daily recommended amount of calcium. They don't contain any gluten, synthetic dyes, preservatives, or yeast, and come in cherry, orange, and strawberry flavors.

2. One a Day Women's VitaCraves Gummies

A complete multivitamin designed specifically for women, these come in orange, cherry, and blue raspberry flavors and provide B vitamins to help you stay energized from morning to night, as well as calcium to support bone health and vitamins A, C, and E for skin health.

3. Hydroxycut Gummies

The No. 1 weight-loss supplement in the nation is now the first diet supplement to come in ingestible form! These contain the same formula as the orignal supplement, which includes lady's mantle, wild olive, komijn, and wild mint, as well as fruit extracts. But instead of taking a pill, you get to enjoy a tastier, mixed fruit-flavored gummy. In clinical studies, people taking these supplements lost an average of 21 pounds in just 12 weeks.

4. Centrum Flavor Burst

One of Centrum's newest lines, and designed specifically for active men and women, these boast antioxidants and B vitamins to help maintain energy.

5. Borba Mighty Energy Gummi Mice

Not as weird as it sounds, we promise. Packed with good-for-you benefits, these mice-shaped bites deliver multivitamin goodness, plus a 1200mg energy boost blend. The only catch: Each serving is 90 calories.


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October 28, 2017
Red 40 and Yellow 6 dyes in some of these vitamins are highly toxic /carcinogenic and should not be advocated.