By Brittany Risher
November 01, 2012

November is World Vegan Month, and to help you celebrate, we rounded up a list of our favorite vegan companies, highlighting which of their foods we love most. These top 10 (plus one honorable mention) are so delicious, you'll triple-check the ingredients list to be sure there's no dairy, eggs, or meat in them. Most of them are also super healthy, though we all deserve a treat, so there's a few of those as well.

A good vegan cheese is hard to find, and almost every vegan will tell you Daiya is the best out there. It actually melts (novel idea!), and while both the shreds and wedges are good in cooked recipes, pieces of the wedges are also nice for snacking or on cold sandwiches.

Mexican is one of the most challenging cuisines to make vegan, and this stuff is the solution for quesadillas, casseroles, you name it. Creamy with a little bit of kick from green chili peppers, you could get in trouble-if it weren't only 20 calories per two tablespoons. It's also great for dipping chips.

While they also make gravy mixes, Road's End is on our list for their mac and "chreese," which is a Godsend when you have a craving and don't want to cook from scratch. Choose from a variety of pasta shapes with cheddar or elbow macaroni with Alfredo. You can also buy mixes for their cheese sauces.

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This protein powder was created by Brendan Brazier, a former Ironman triathlete and vegan. Instead of whey, casein, or soy, it features protein from peas, saviseed, hemp seeds, and brown rice. Don't be scared by the rest of the ingredients; they provide all kinds of goodies, including antioxidants, fiber, omega-3s, probiotics, and three servings of veggies from greens. But how does it taste? All the flavors-chocolate, berry, vanilla chai, and French vanilla-live up to their names and satisfy, especially when mixed with non-dairy milk.

A staple for every vegan baker, no one will be able to taste a difference in your cookies, brownies, or other treats. It melts and creams like the real thing. Just don't fall into the trap of thinking vegan butter is diet-friendly: It matches butter and margarine calorie for calorie per tablespoon.

Not all alternative ice cream has an ice-cream consistency, but these creamy offerings satisfy like the moo-juice kind. And with flavors like mocha almond fudge, cherry amaretto, and cookies ‘n cream, remember to dish out a serving, or you just may eat the entire pint. Also try the almond milk ice cream sandwiches and bars and coconut milk ice cream.

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No getting around it, Silk makes the best soy milk and is one of the few companies to offer one that's both unsweetened and organic. Nice and thick, it's good by the glass, with cereal, and in sweet or savory recipes. For a treat, try their vanilla flavor or the Fruit & Protein drinks, which are like smoothies.

Slightly nutty and naturally sweet, the unsweetened varieties of almond milk are usually the lowest-calorie non-dairy milks. It's best in sweet recipes or on its own. If you want something a little different, they also make almond milk-coconut milk blends.

These mini-brownies are free of gluten, soy, nuts, trans fat, GMOs, eggs, and dairy-yet somehow, without any of those things, they are delicious, a tad crunchy outside and super soft inside. They come two to a pack-and warning: You'll want to be greedy and keep both to yourself.

Ordering dessert online seems odd, but when you're in the mood for really good cheesecake, these are so worth it. Made from cashews, the smooth, rich "cheese" sits on a nutty crust that provides a nice contrasting crunch. Not only are they vegan, but also gluten-free and raw, and they come in enough flavors (the raspberry is pictured above) to satisfy any craving.

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Honorable Mention: Amy's Kitchen

While not all of their products are vegan, Amy's has a ton that are, including soups, pizza, burritos, Indian dishes, Asian meals, burgers, noodle and rice bowls, and more. Plus, they recently released lasagna and pizza with Daiya for those who just can't do without cheese.