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10 Crazy Gravy Boats That Need to Calm Down

Titanic Gravy Boat

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Since Thanksgiving is, without question, the holiday most deeply devoted to cooking food, eating food, making drinks, and drinking drinks, it is also, without question, our favorite holiday. We've finally arrived at the time of year where we are ready to talk about this celebration of edible bounty, and we're starting to get incredibly excited. But first, we need to talk about your gravy boats. You guys have got some weird gravy boats.

For our entire lives, we'd thought gravy boats were kind of boring. Usually white or stainless steel, they were passed around the table without much fanfare except for their essential, completely perfect contents. But then we saw these crazy gravy boats and we need them to calm down immediately.

This gravy boat is like: "Too soon?"

Titanic gravy boat, $45.00, Archie McPhee

Photo: Archie McPhee

Ceramic Turkey Gravy Boat

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This gravy boat which is like, "YOU MADE GRAVY OUT OF ME!"

Ceramic turkey gravy boat, c. 1950, $27.50,

Photo: Etsy

Hasta La Vista

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This boat that's like," SEE WHAT I DID THERE?"

Hasta La Vista gravy boat, $20.00,


Sterling Silver Gravy Boat

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This boat that's like: "I cost $799. NO SERIOUSLY, I am $799. SEVEN HUNDRED, NINETY NINE. DOLLARS."

Jacobi and Jenkins sterling silver handmade gravy boat, c. 1804-1908, $799,

Photo: Jacobi and Jenkins

Europa and the Bull

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This boat is like, "Oh, am I making you uncomfortable?"

Lustre pottery "Europa and the Bull" gravy boat, 250 pounds, Decorative Arts


Pink China Gravy Boat

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This boat is like, "PSSST. Is she still there?"

Mid-century gravy boat, Fransiscan china, Encanto, $18.00,


I'm on a Boat

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This gravy boat is like, "GET IT? BECAUSE I'M A BOAT."

Mayflower gravy boat, sea saucer, and quaker shakers, $75.00,


Take Me to Your Leader

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This gravy boat is like: "TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER!"

Mid-century gravy boat, $10.00,



Rabbit Gravy Boat and Ladle

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This boat is like, "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING."

Rabbit gravy boat, $80.00,


Puking Kitty

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