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10 Matzo Recipes That Make Passover More Exciting

Spinach, Feta, and Artichoke Matzo Mina

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This off-the-charts Greek-style casserole makes an ideal meal for anyone (Jewish or not) craving lasagna. Seasoned with dill, lemon zests, and other unmistakably Mediterranean flavors, serve this to vegetarians for lunch or even as a side dish at your Passover Seder. 

Photo: Tori Avery

Salted Toffee Matzah

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Using a cookie sheet, blogger Bree Hester layers ordinary matzo with ooey gooey homemade toffee, chocolate chips, and sea salt for a salty/sweet Passover treat. Make this recipe your own by topping it with nuts or dried fruit for a tasty snack that's also easy to transport. 

Photo: Baked Bree

Matzo Brei with Roasted Peppers, Olives, and Parsley

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This is "not your bubbe's matzo brei," according to food blogger Olga Berman. Rather than using eggs and seasoning, like most matzo brei recipes call for, Berman adds fresh vegetables and uses a cast iron skillet to prep the mixture like a pancake—though we equate it with a filling frittata!


Photo: Olga Berman

Lemon Saffron Matzo Ball Soup

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“I wanted to brighten up the traditional flavors of matzo ball chicken soup a bit,” food blogger Samantha Ferraro says of her decision to use Persian dried lemon and saffron in her matzo ball soup recipe. The result is a zesty, springlike spin on the Jewish holiday staple.

Photo: The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Cinnamon Pecan Matzo Granola

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This genius granola recipe, dreamed up by culinary student Jackie of Jackie Cooks is so incredibly quick and simple! Make it once and you’ll want to it have it on hand for whenever you need a boost of energy.

Photo: Jackie Cooks

Skinny Passover Matzo Pizza

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This low-fat matzo pizza from the popular food blog (and cookbook) Skinny Taste is as delectable as it looks. Plus, it clocks in at only 230 calories per serving, making it the perfect pizza to eat if you're trying to lose weight, regardless of being Kosher.

Photo: Skinnytaste

Spiced Apple Cake

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Multiple layers of apples are mixed with cinnamon, ginger, orange, and brandy in this beautiful apple dessert made with matzo meal. And, like most pies, this one is extremely well-suited for travel—so you can bring it wherever your festivities await.

Photo: Hungry Rabbit

Matzo and Herbed Stuffed Tomatoes

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Using ripe vine tomatoes and garlic, Amy Kritzer, guest-blogging on What Jew Wanna Eat, channels her inner Julia Child by mimicking the chef's Tomatoes Provencal recipe, but she swaps the breadcrumbs for matzo. Feel free to sprinkle a little Parmesan cheese—unless you're keeping it Parve!


Matzah Nachos

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"The perfect cure for your Manichewitz hangovers," Amy Kritzer's matzo nachos (aka Machos) are the most satisfying way to enjoy one of your favorite comfort foods—minus the Jewish guilt! Fresh pico de gallo, avocado, and Greek yogurt help keep it Kosher while mouthwatering melted cheese makes you forget you were abstaining from bread to begin with.

Photo: Whatjewwannaeat

Passover S'mores

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Give your Seder a campfire feel with a 5-minute snack that’s as easy to make as you remember from your childhood. Simply sub matzo for graham cracker (the new mini matzo are ideal) and broil the sweet sandwich on a baking pan until golden brown.

Photo: Ingredients, Inc


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