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12 Brilliant Eco-Friendly Eating Supplies

PackIt Freezable Picnic Bag

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Make outdoor entertaining a breeze with this cheerful cooler with a freezable gel liner to keep food cold for up to 10 hours. There’s plenty of space inside the 12-by-13-inch bag to hold enough grub for the whole family, hungry husband included. A built-in shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry, and then it folds flat for easy storage. ($30;

To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensils

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So you packed a delicious lunch the night before and can’t wait for the clock to strike noon—until you realize you forgot utensils. To the rescue: This eco-friendly, lightweight flatware made from recycled plastic bottles. The handy set contains a fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks so you’ll be prepared to chow down no matter where you are. ($13; To-Go Ware)

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Bento & Co. Gel Cool Box

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Never worry about wilted lettuce or warm yogurt again with these ingenious boxes with built-in ice packs. Simply stash the lid into the freezer the night before, pop it on the box in the morning, and your food stays cold for several hours. An elastic inner seal makes it leak-resistant while a colorful bento band ensures the lid stays put. ($29;

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Aladdin Insulated Mason Tumbler

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Morning smoothies, meet your new BFF. Designed in the spirit of the classic canning jar, this charming tumbler transports any drink in style. Pour in your iced coffee, protein shake, or any blended beverage, and carry it anywhere without fear of sweating or leaking. Plus, everything tastes better from a straw, right? ($13; [Share on Twitter!]

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Perpetual Kid Chinese Food Container

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This silicon container is a fun, cheeky, and environmentally friendly way to transport your lunch or take home leftovers. Designed to look like iconic Chinese to-go boxes, the cute container is dishwasher-safe, microwaveable, and reusable—unlike the paper version. ($10;

Uncommon Goods Stackable Lunch Pot

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This versatile stacking system makes meal prep easier than ever. Two airtight containers pile on top of each other, keeping servings separate and spill-proof, and each section is microwavable, perfect for warming up oatmeal or soup at the office. The set also comes with a reusable “spork” and carrying strap. ($24;

LunchBots Duo

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Whether your go-to snack combo is cheese and crackers or fruit and nuts, this two-compartment container is the ideal vessel for taking your midday fuel out and about. Each stainless steel carrier is free of toxins, easy to clean, and available in four bright colors. ($19;

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SIGG Fabulous Water Bottles

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Stay hydrated all day long with these chic and functional reusable water bottles. Built of pure aluminum, the Swiss-designed vessels can last for more than a decade—and are still recyclable at the end of their long life. The nonporous liner doesn’t store any lingering flavor so you can have your strawberry smoothie on Monday and iced coffee on Tuesday without turning your java fruity. ($23;

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Furoshiki ECOlunchwrap

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Two simple knots transform this double-sided cotton wrap into an adorable lunch tote. Drawing on Japanese folding tradition dating back to the 17th century, this brilliant product is ideal for packing snacks, picking up takeout, or carrying just about anything. BPA-free and machine-washable, the fair-trade fabric makes it easy to say goodbye to plastic bags. ($16;

Compleat Foodskin

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Say so long to zipper-seal bags. Dubbed "the world's most flexible lunchbox," this clever container is designed to solve the messy-sandwich dilemma for good. The elastic silicone skin expands to neatly hold together your sandwich or wrap no matter how much it gets tossed around on your commute. Plus it folds up flat, making storage a snap. ($34;

OXO Good Grips LockTop Containers

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Prepping meals in advance is enough of a hassle, so make storing leftovers easy with these spill-proof containers. Available in a variety of sizes from mini to extra-large, use them for anything from salad dressing to a whole home-cooked meal. They stack together to make it wasy to optimize fridge or freezer space, and transparent lids let you ID your leftover chicken from your leftover chili without taking a peek. ($30 for set of 12;

Woonwinkel Reusable Lunch Bag

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Made from durable, water-resistant Tyvek material, this small but powerful tote can carry up to 25 pounds. Whether you’re carrying lunch to the office or bringing home your farmers’ market haul, the clever, crinkly bag makes doing so eco-friendly and stylish. ($14;


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