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15 Struggles of Cooking for One

Cooking healthy food for one person is no easy feat. It takes planning, prepping, and budgeting (do you use these 10 No-Sweat Meal Prep Tips from Pros?). It also may or may not involve a few harsh thoughts and a whole lot of screaming inside your head. Even the best cooks can relate to these single-serving struggles.

You have to decipher how to decrease the recipe for one person.


What's 1/4 of a 1/3 cup?

Or make one recipe that serves four and space it out for the week.


Meal prep FTW.

But that means you have to clean up for four too.


There goes the rest of the evening.

Your freezer is overloaded with leftovers.


'Cause you just can't eat it fast enough.

You have a constant feeling roomates are eating your delicacies.


Who wouldn't want the beautiful food you make for yourself?

It takes you years to get through soy sauce, olive oil, breadcrumbs, and other pantry staples.


But you can definitely taste when it's getting old.

All of your friends gift you mini "for one" cookware.


That just isn't practical.

You never feel like you're utilizing all your space.


You can only use so many burners at once, you know?

Your fridge is full of random, half-used things.


It's not always easy to incorporate the parsnips from last night's dinner into tomorrow's lunch.

You make tiny, single-serve desserts cause you're too lazy to make the whole thing.


Even though you deserve it!

But, again, cleaning up takes just as long as if you made a full batch.


P.S. Mugs are impossible to clean after you've microwaved cake mix in it.

You feel pressure to justify food expenditures to your friends.


What's so wrong with a single-serve chocolate fountain?!

By the end of the week, your fridge is empty.


Literally all the food you bought went towards your planned meals.

Sunday afternoon is pretty much shot thanks to the chore of preparing the week's lunches.


Even though it saves money, it's still exhausting.

Takeout always haunts you.


Because it's just so easy, and always there, unlike your willpower.

But, really, nothing tastes better than a home-cooked meal made all by yourself.



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